North Brisbane Physiotherapy

If you have an approved Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or DVA claim you will be pleased to know that this physiotherapy clinic BULK BILLS meaning there will be no additional surcharge.  We also have HICAPS for easy on the spot claiming should you be covered by private medical insurance.

Work cover claims, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) and approved NDIS plans are also accepted.  Although the conditions surrounding approval will need to be discussed prior to your initial consultation.

At Braydon Vo Physiotherapy we aim to offer the best treatment available for those seeking clinic based and gym rehabilitation physiotherapy.  We base our treatment plans on current medical research alongside years of clinical experience.  This means we can utilise numerous refined skills in order to provide treatment that is both effective and time efficient.

We also understand that the two biggest limitations that people experience when trying to access physiotherapy clinics are time and cost.  This is why we are open six days a week.  Weekdays we are open until into the evening so even if you have to work a standard 9-5 you'll still have a chance to pop in and see us after work!  If weekdays do not work for you we are also open Saturday morning.  If you are not sure give us a call and I'm sure we can find a way to accommodate your requirements.  We also pride ourselves in offering competitive pricing without compromising quality.

Below outlines some of what we have to offer and what components may be included as part of your effective treatment.

We treat a range of conditions
(including but not limited to)


Sports injuries

Lower back and spinal pain

Sciatica and nerve pain

Neck pain and headaches

Shoulder and elbow injuries

Arm, wrist hand and thumb pain

Overuse and repetitive injuries

Hip, groin and pelvic pain

Knee pain

Arthritis and osteoporosis

Ankle injuries, achilles tendon and foot pain

Growing pains and adolescent disorders

Chronic pain

Rehabilitation for orthopaedic surgery such as rotator cuff repair, knee and hip replacements, tibia/fibula fractures and knee/shoulder reconstruction

Services we provide

Quality "hands-on" Physiotherapy

Exercise rehabilitation

Soft tissue massage/trigger point therapy

Joint mobilisation


Gym exercise programs

Heat/cold therapy

For more information come see me at Braydon Vo Physiotherapy

World Gym, 44 Flinders Parade, North Lakes QLD