Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you set your physiotherapy clinic up inside a gym?

One of the limitations I commonly faced in a traditional private practice set-up was the ability to progress rehabilitation in the final stages.  I would often treat people with ACL reconstruction, total knee replacement, etc and could only progress them so far until they required something more intensive or high functioning.  Because I have full access to gym equipment as part of my service, if I ever need to educate anyone on an exercise I can demonstrate or coach them through the exercise rather than roughly explain.

This means I am set up to walk people through a complete rehabilitation with their injuries from start to finish.

If you are set up in a gym do I need to be a member to access physiotherapy services?

No, a gym membership is not required.  They have been kind enough to allow me full access of their facility to complete rehabilitation with clients if required.  Because you pay a fee to see me they waive the casual entry fee.  Who knows you might even love the environment and sign up yourself 😉

"I can't find anyone to look after my children, is it alright for me to bring them along?"

Yes absolutely.  Your children are more than welcome in the treatment room with you while treatment is being completed.  Alternatively a creche service also exists onsite at the gym.  Speak to reception who will be more than happy to help organise that if you require it.  Please note a small fee is charged for this service.

What payments are bulk billed?

At Braydon Vo Physiotherapy we bulk bill any treatment from DVA (gold and white card holders), Medicare/Enhanced Primary Care Program and Work Cover claims.  In order to qualify for this you must have a valid referral from your Doctor.  Speak to them if you think you might qualify for any of these.