Braydon Vo Physiotherapy

Braydon Vo Physiotherapy

North Brisbane Physio - Two Locations!


World Gym Brendale

2 Linkfield Connection Road


World Gym North Lakes

44 Flinders Parade


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Braydon Vo Physiotherapy operates out of two locations in North Brisbane.  These locations include World Gym Brendale and North Lakes.

A gym membership is NOT required in order to access Physio clinic services.  Our clinics goal is to equip the North Brisbane area with affordable professional general and sports physiotherapy treatment.

We have a unique advantage over other clinics with our access to a wide variety of gym equipment.  We are able to utilise this equipment when necessary in order to complete rehabilitation from the acute stage of an injury right through to return to sport/work or other usual activity of daily living. This service differs from your stereotypical room-based "hands on" setting where you are unable to demonstrate or walk through gym based exercises.  At Braydon Vo Physiotherapy our gym based environment allows us to walk you through these exercises step by step to ensure they are done correctly for optimal recovery.

Braydon Vo Physiotherapy is run by highly-experienced physiotherapists who specialise in treating a wide range of injuries, some of which include: back, neck, sports and occupational injuries.  The clinic treats a broad range of musculoskeletal problems that affect adults, teenagers and children.  We focus not only on treating the condition or injury directly but also on addressing the underlying cause through a comprehensive assessment and then by implementing the appropriate solution to correct the cause.


Our physio clinics are located inside of World Gym at both Brendale and North Lakes.   There is plenty of parking located outside each building.  Each location has flat entrance so is wheelchair friendly, there is also a lift for upstairs access, although there are limitations around this.  Please feel free to contact us with any concerns regarding this.

Address: World Gym, 2 Linkfield Connection Road, Brendale QLD

Address: World Gym, 44 Flinders Parade, North Lakes QLD


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